I came in with Fibromyalgia and lots of pain that I just dealt witb day to day. It’s amazing in such a short time how much better I feel. I’ve cut my Ibuprofen usage by 90%. Thanks so much! Everyone here is so great! I would definitely recommend Armour Chiropractic Healthcare. I have been talking about my amazing progress.

– Nikki L.

I came in barely able to move. Almost within 1-2 weeks I was able to motivate. I’ve completed my fourth week and have very few complaints about my back. Thanks so much!

– Mickie D.

The first time I came in I had just been in a car accident and was in a lot of pain. I could hardly move or pick anything up! Dr. Armour helped me get back to being mobile again! Idon’t hurt anymore and I’m ready to get back to my life!

– Laura E.

Eight weeks ago I was in extreme pain. Today I am more pain free than I have been in 10 years! I have survived several car wrecks, one motorcycle wreck, and bad posture sitting at my desk all day long. Over time the pain got continuously worse. The “straw that broke the camel’s back” was when I slept in a recliner chair when my son was in the hospital. I was in agony! Now I can stand, walk, and play with my children like I have always wanted to. Thank you Dr. Armour for giving me my life back!

– Leonard S.

I have had continual back pain throughout my athletic career. As time goes on 1 feel more sore witbout regular adjustments. Now through regular adjustments I feel like normal again and I can tben perform for the U.S. at a high level. Thanks for your help.

– Brent R. (Captain of the United States Sitting Paralympics Team)

I never thought I would have enough pain relief to walk “walk the malls” again. Since my treatment started, I can now enjoy my outings with my daughter and grandchildren. I no longer take Darvocet, only an over-the-counter once in a while. I don’t even talk oftbe “someday when I’m in a wheelchair” anymore. I can look forward to family gatherings. Thank you!

– Jane R.

When I first came in I had headaches on a continual basis. I would be taking 5-6 aspirins a day. Since I have been coming, my headaches have gone away. I no longer need to take any aspirins. It is a great feeling.

– Lori H.