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Sheila almost died before I could help her.

A few years ago, Sheila came in for a consultation about her health problems. I evaluated her Systems, identified the malfunctions, and sat down to give her the report. Her results indicated severe problems.

I told Sheila that she was headed for a “train wreck” if she did not fix her Systems.

Sheila wanted to get healthy, but she lived far from my office and was unable to come in regularly to acquire the tools and skills that she needed.

It wasn’t long before Sheila ended up in the hospital in a coma. The family was called in, and the doctor told them, “Say goodbye; she won’t make it.”

Miraculously, she survived, but she left the hospital with even more health problems than before.

It always bothers me when I’m unable to help a patient resolve their health issues.

As I began to write The 7 Systems Plan, I thought of Sheila. I emailed her the first chapter and asked if she would read it. Then I sent the second chapter, and then more. Before long, she was on The 7 Systems Plan and a test patient for The 7 Systems Plan online course.

Within months, her diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity disappeared.

All of her Systems returned to optimal function. Her family doctor, seeing the miraculous improvement, took her off every prescription. Sheila is thriving today because she fixed her Systems.

Now you too can experience these amazing results!

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